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  • Michael Hughes

This just happened...

We received this positive story from Mike, our member in San Francisco.

We will know that the work of LGBT+ fan groups in the UK is making the difference we seek when we regularly have stories like this to report from our football clubs......

This just happened... I live in San Francisco and am a big fan of the defending champion(!) Golden State Warriors basketball team. The team plays in Oakland, which is a few miles away across the San Francisco Bay.

It's common for sports teams in the U.S. to have "theme nights" -- often honoring cultural heritages such as Latinos, Irish or African American (sorry, there's not typically a U.K. Heritage night since that's pretty much every other night...).

Tonight is "LGBTQ Night" at the Warriors game and the head coach (manager), Steve Kerr, spoke about the importance of diversity and LGBTQ acceptance in his pre-game press conference. It's impressive; this is exactly what we're striving for across all of sports and, indeed, all of society.

I'll admit that I live in a very liberal city, but the coach isn't from here. He's well-travelled and spent much of his time in very conservative regions. He just sees what's right and has the courage to speak out about it. I don't think he sees it as courageous to speak out the way he does; he just says what seems obvious and important to him. I'm writing this before the game starts, but I see rainbow backgrounds on the mid-court graphics announcing the teams. Let's hope for a great game! :-)