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Marching Out Together is the official LGBTQ+ fans’ group of Leeds United FC.

The group was founded in 2017 by Andrew Tilly and Drew Harrison, with the support of the club, as a means of providing a safe space for LGBTQ+ Supporters, their friends, family and allies to support the club, feel valued and included.

As of 2024, the group now has over 420 members, and a steadily growing presence on social media. In addition to providing a safe place for our LGBTQ+ fans and allies, we also do regular pre-match meet-ups, hold competitions, and take part in events aimed at raising LGBTQ+ acceptance and tolerance levels in football.

We work regularly with Leeds United Football Club, and other fan groups (such as Leeds United Supporters’ Trust and Leeds United Disabled organisation) as well as partner organisations (such as Football v Homophobia and Pride in Football) to improve education, diversity, and inclusivity within our club and its fanbase, as well as working to challenge and remove homophobia from the game of football.

Marching Out Together is based on a set of core values which all members uphold and respect.

  • We aim to improve the football experience for all fans, LGBTQ+ or otherwise;

  • to promote and be inclusive, accessible and diverse;

  • to educate and raise awareness of LGBTQ+ issues;

  • to be ethical and sustainable;

  • to encourage enthusiastic volunteers to support the group;

  • to treat all people with respect at all times, working positively and creatively to ensure everyone feels welcome, and avoid abusive or discriminatory language.

We are a small, member-focused organisation and as well as providing a safe space and community for our members we proactively seek to educate and raise awareness and understanding on LGBTQ+ issues, and lend our support to established mainstream campaigns (such as “Kick it Out”, “Rainbow Laces”, “Pride in Football”, “Football v Homophobia”, among others).

Our group is run and overseen by our committee, you’ll find their information below. Membership of the group is open to supporters of Leeds United Football Club from the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Trans (LGBTQ+) community, their friends, families, and anyone who agrees with our aims including ‘straight’ allies whose active support we value. We work positively and creatively to ensure everyone feels welcome whatever their age, sex, gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief. We are explicitly open to – and positively encourage – involvement in the group and committee of fellow-fans with other protected characteristics, in particular (but not limited to) those of BAME background, with disabilities, and of all ages.

Click here to see what people said about us in support of our National Diversity Awards nomination in 2022.

Join us

To join the group please provide your contact information and click the ‘Subscribe’ button below.

By providing your details you agree to allow us to use them solely in relation to your membership of the group and/or to keep you updated about the group’s activities.

If at any time you wish us to remove any of your details please contact

Meet our team

Wiggy (Chair)

A Leeds United Season ticket holder, I have a passion for Leeds United and making Elland Road inclusive for all. I'm proud of the work Marching Out Together have done so far and really want us to carry on pushing the club, premier league and FA on the things that really matter. Lockdown has shown me that we have to do things a little differently, but I believe we still make a massive difference to our members lives by being there for them.

Maz (Vice Chair)

Born and live in Cheshire although very close to the border with Liverpool hence relentless mocking of my accent!!

Worked in events for many years but currently looking for a new direction.

The reason I support Leeds is quite funny and one I enjoy telling, the short version being that my grandad was my absolute hero and the reason I love football but me and him enjoyed winding each other up! He was a massive Liverpool fan and was watching them play one day so I naturally went for the team they were playing, well that day a certain mark Viduka scored four goals and the rest they say is history. I've been Leeds ever since.

I'm passionate about equality and the work Marching out together do and I'm very proud to be vice chair of this fantastic group.

I have a few hobbies including reading and running (not at the same time) and I'm currently training for the London marathon!

Most likely to be found on a dancefloor throwing awful moves to cheesy pop!

Andrew (Treasurer)

Grew up in Lancashire, the sole football fan in my family, unable to get to games. A Leeds fan from aged 7, in the Revie era, I escaped to my bedroom to listen to an almost inaudibly faint BBC radio Leeds commentary, across the Pennines, to follow my beloved Leeds.

I knew I was gay as a young boy, and fell in love at University with my now civil partner. My coming out journey to friends and family occurred in my 20’s; three decades before I felt safe coming out to anyone inside a football ground! Working with Marching Out Together has allowed me feel safe uniting my pride as a gay man with my pride as a Leeds United fan.


I am originally from Leeds and supported United all my life, and went to my early games with my dad. I recently moved to Leicestershire because of my partner’s work – she is a Leicester City fan – and I also play and coach in a county-level Womens League so you can imagine it’s a very footy-driven household!

I had gone along to Foxes Pride and was made up when Marching Out Together started: it’s such a welcoming group and the sense of belonging and support means a lot to me (especially being away from my roots). I’m really pleased to be able to make a contribution, and me being such a gobby so-and-so means the team always have the benefit of my input, ha ha!


My dad took me to my first Leeds game when I was aged 7 – an FA Cup game against Man City. I then started attending more games in my teens and got a season ticket in the Kop. I remember going in the season of 1991/2 to all games home and away apart from one. When I lived and worked in South Africa for 2 years I once drove non-stop from one end of the country back to the other where I lived – 16 hours – just so I could see Leeds play Man U on the TV.

I have been a season ticket holder for many decades now… and attend with my Dad and 2 friends now in the NE stand. It’s been great that Marching Out Together was set up a few years ago. It’s really important that all fans feel welcomed and included when following Leeds United. I’m hugely passionate about inclusion and it’s been great to work with the great board and members of Marching Out Together and the club in continuing to make this even better for all LGBT+ fans.


Born and Bred in Leeds, LUFC fan my whole life, recently retired from Leeds City Council, Straight ally, love not just LUFC, but Leeds as a city.

John (Secretary)

I started going to watch Leeds in the George Graham era, and have clung on white-knuckled and bruised through all the Ups & Downs since. At a ‘Rainbow Laces’ game a few years ago I struggled to explain to my daughter why there were then no ‘out’ male professional LGBT+ players, and why many good people feel they daren’t go to football, or do but feel they need to hide part of themselves. So at that year’s Pride as Marching Out walked by I stepped from the kerb to walk ‘with’ them instead of as a spectator, and have helped out since on the website and socials.

As a straight (white, able-bodied) man it makes me ashamed and angry in equal measure that football is still not a safe and welcoming place for so many people. Football is uniquely placed to help bring change and equality in our society, and I have deliberately taken the step to progress from just being sympathetic and well-meaning to actively try to help do something about it.

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