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A group run by fans for fans... MOT embraces LGBT+ (and straight) fans of Leeds United to become one in supporting their favourite club... homophobia is embedded in all that is wrong about the beautiful game. MoT and all other LGBT+ supporters group show that people of all, creeds, colours and sexual orientations are just passionate supporters of their football club....

Marching out together do a fantastic job of creating spaces where lgbt Leeds/football fans can come together, be themselves and support the team they love. In and out of the stadium MOT are a great support for many!

The group do fantastic work to make football a game for everyone. Challenging attitudes inside the ground and building networks across other football clubs.

A super group of people who are inclusive of all. They have a huge presence and encourage everyone to join them in their support of the LGBT communities. This inclusivity encourages all individuals associated with Leeds United to educate and support all supporters no matter who they are, where they come from, their religious beliefs, what their gender is. They have made a huge difference to any prejudices in Leeds United. They work tirelessly within the Leeds United community promoting LGBT, ensuring diversity, inclusivity and equality are recognised within the club and in wider football communities. Fabulous work, wonderful people.

Football is a game for all and Marching out together have given people who may of felt nervous, worried, anxiety a safe apace to come and support Leeds.

I feel that Marching Out Together promote tolerance and inclusion in football and they have a massive presence in the local community and world wide due to their involvement with Leeds United and their fan base.

Great work to make Elland Road a welcoming and inclusive space and brilliant inroads with staff and players to be active allies.

This group has improved the match day experience and had helped me as a 55yr old gay man to feel more comfortable at the group and given me the courage to wear my Leeds United and Pride scarf at games to show we are not hiding, we will not be pushed aside and we will not be afraid to be who we are and support our team Thank you so much for the work you have done and will continue to do!

As someone who regularly witnesses the homophobia in the South Stand at Elland Road, I think the need for this group to receive recognition for their work is massive. They work tirelessly to make ER an inclusive place even though at times it is an uphill struggle. They continue to work hard to make the LGBT+ presence felt, in and around the ground. Everyone is welcomed, regardless of whether you are from a marginalised group or not. It would be FANTASTIC to see them pick up an award for all their hard work and commitment.

Having followed their work for over 2 years, the impact that they clearly have on Leeds as a city and community has been palpable.

The group have reached out to many vulnerable and isolated people both within their immediate catchment and beyond. They have provide a safe space for people to connect, engage and support each other in an environment that is often hostile to LGBT+ people. The group have also built sustainable networks with other clubs to ensure that LGBT+ fans can travel to other grounds in the knowledge that they are welcomed and safe.

They do amazing job of incorporating lgbt within the football community. As season ticket holders at lufc we've seen first hand at how marching out together have increased people's awareness of the lgbt communities everywhere and made them ALL welcome here at elland rd and Leeds.

Marching Out Together has made a real difference in challenging homophobic (and other offensive) behaviour at matches. The majority of fans feel empowered, through their work, to report incidents when they occur - and know they will be taken seriously and supported. Leeds United feels a more inclusive club as a result if the initiatives they have taken, with the support of the club. They deserve this award.

Marching Out Together have been instrumental in making me feel at home as my true self at the club I love.

I’m so proud to have this groundbreaking & positive influential group within my home town and beloved Leeds United. It’s been so fantastic to watch this home grown group go from strength to strength but also lead by example and inspire other football groups to set up and find their way and share the Leeds ups and downs to forge a national movement for positive change. The stories I have read from supporters coming back to attend games after previous awful/negative experiences and their revived enjoyment has been so moving. Not to mention the support given to fans & their families/friends to enable people to bring their whole self to footy games (and their lives too) is heartwarming & truly life changing. #leedsandproud #footballforall #weareleeds Thank you marching out together & can’t wait to watch you grow & keep on breaking down those barriers #MOT

Marching out together have made huge progress in raising awareness for inclusivity around the city and football club

They contribute to both football being inclusive and promote it across the city outside football. The mural they commissioned is a prime example.

As an ally I’m in awe of the work Marching Out Together does around inclusivity & their tireless positivity.

Absolutely outstanding service to the community and making huge progress among the football fan culture in Leeds to normalise LGBTQ+ people. The group have also spoken to footballers, helping to educate the Leeds United academy players. They represent themselves so well even in the face of sometimes horrendous abuse and have changed many peoples minds and views. They are an asset to the community and have enriched the lives of so many.

Fantastic group. Really supportive of allies also. Great presence with the team.

Marching Out Together is more than a fab club. It is a powerful grass-roots movement supporting a cultural shift in not only in local football but more widely in the city and in sports. There is constant effort to support change through deepening connection, promoting understanding and through raising the profile and visibility of (the concerns and needs of) LGBTQ fans. It's not easy work and awards like this will help recognise the urgency of creating a more inclusive and accepting culture in sports.

Marching out Together do invaluable work with Leeds United, the players and academy, LGBT+ fans and the wider community. I’m proud to support such a fantastic group. They take incredible steps to educate the club & players at all levels regarding Pride Awareness Training. Ensuring that there are prominent Rainbow Laces campaigns and activity working to eradicate homophobia, transphobia, etc. in Elland Road and the wider community. They have fundraiser to bring to life an Leeds United LGBT+ mural - work on which start this year. They don’t work in isolation and collaborate with fan groups across the premier league to ensure visiting fans feel safe & represented when travelling to Leeds. I’m so proud to know and support this wonderful bunch of people.

This group has transformed Elland Road and the way it welcomes the LGBT community. They have worked to get the club involved with local pride events. They have visual displays now in the stadium showing that the club stands side by side with fighting homophobia. They have raised money and invested it into womens football and grass roots football and so much more I could go on and on!

As a Leeds united season ticket holder I have seen at first hand how hard the group have worked to change the culture in football. They are a real credit.

The work they have done to both promote diversity and inclusion and broaden the knowledge of everyone is fantastic.

MOT has raised the profile of LGBT+ inclusion in football and worked closely with Leeds United to ensure the lgbt fan base (in leeds and elsewhere) feels welcome at Elland Road: not a place traditionally associated with inclusion & diversity. MOT has also worked closely with the Leeds United Academy to ensure young players, older players and coaching staff receive LGBT awareness training. They have delivered training to stewards. Trans fans have returned to the ground for the first time since transition. Young fans have come out to parents due to their work. Local team sponsored by them, easing awareness at grassroots. MOT sponsor a member of the women’s team and work closely with them. A club and fan base with a “hard” tradition now has a reputation for LGBT+ inclusion and the club became the first to sign an LGBT+ best practice charter and the first Premier League where Stonewall delivered LGBT+ training to the first team.

They have made a huge contribution to promoting inclusivity at LUFC. Working tirelessly with the club, educating players and staff, liaising with fan groups, such as Leeds United Supporters Trust as well as widely in the community and arranging meet ups with opposing LGBT+ fan groups to provide a welcome to them. They have ensured that many fans now feel safe and supported to attend games as themselves. The Marching Out flag and logo are now well known at Elland Rd, providing constant reminders that football is for everyone. They live the values of diversity, representing the LGBT+ community, but welcoming all. Delivering rational and timely responses to incidences of prejudice, they champion diversity on a daily basis. As an ‘ally’ member, my voice is equally valued and the warm acceptance extended to all comers personifies, for me, the ideal approach to diversity in society - welcome, celebrate our differences and our similarities in an environment of mutual support.

If it wasn't for Marching Out Together, I'd have never have had the courage to go to football with my wife.

Marching Out Together are an amazing group. United, brave, visible and actively combating homophobia and providing a sense of community for queer Leeds fans. They’re doing a great job.

Marching Out Together has been a fantastic supporters group, raising awareness and promoting inclusivity in football. They’ve worked hard to get a pride range sold at the club shop, including a pride patch that can be put on a football shirt which has enabled me to wear my football club shirt with even more pride. This group has helped me make friends with people far and wide and feel part of something which I haven’t felt part of before. They really do deserve the recognition for the hard work they do!

Marching out together do a fantastic job of creating spaces where lgbt Leeds/football fans can come together, be themselves and support the team they love. In and out of the stadium MOT are a great support for many!

A meaningful and important collective, bringing awareness and love & support to LGBT supporters, footballers and alike. A totally necessary organisation.

As a stright middle-aged man in my 50's, I think the work Marching Out Together do is invaluable in ensuing that football (but more specifically LUFC) is available and accessible to all. They are heavily involved in the Community and actively encourage interaction from ALL Leeds fans. This is highlighted by the recent mural they commissioned which has enhanced the LUFC "brand" and has been placed in a prominent place in the City meaning it is visible to all.

Marching out together are fabulous organisation that receives little or no support but has managed to raise the profile of LGBTQ Plus football supporters in a Traditionally homophobic environment does promoting inclusiveness diversity And tolerance

They are dping amazing work with the club and supporters to make football inclusive for everyone. Proud to be a gay football supporter and important we have a group like Marching Out Together in our corner, thank you

Love their work in bringing diversity back into mainstream football, it's good to see it happening in football at last. Keep up the good work !

They're a brilliant group who are very accepting of all including trans members who are often marginalised within the LGBTQ+ community.

Some factions of our support could well be considered as intolerant and grounded firmly in the dark ages of suspicion and ignorance that society should be a straight path. This organisation is therefore breaking some really tough barriers by cleverly diversifying our sacred #MOT slogan and wonderfully colourful "smiley" badge. They deserve serious credit for developing a safe place in a renowned vociferous cauldron of deep rooted emotion.

So many things have improved in sports and that includes football. Football has moved with the inclusiveness society needs in many ways. However it feels like it has stood still on equality around LBGT. Comments you hear and read make it akin to being in the school playground or PE in the 70s and 80s. This group are making that sort of atmosphere unacceptable. Well done

Football is a notoriously uninclusive environment. These guys are changing hearts and minds.

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